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per month
€0,16 – per document – volume discount
€0,99 per administration per month
€2,50 per authorising/confirming user per month
FREE standard users
FREE support
Monthly subscription


per month
FREE documents – fair use policy
€2,50 per administration per month – volume discount
€2,50 per authorising/confirming user per month
FREE standard users
FREE support
Quarterly subscription

Frequently asked questions

How are the costs calculated?

The monthly invoice is automatically determined by the system. The invoice contains the costs of the subscription, the number of administrations, the total number of documents sent to TriFact365, and the number of authorising/confirming users. The invoice contains a specification per administration of the number of documents.

How does TriFact365 deal with split documents?

If a document is split into multiple documents, TriFact365 only counts the individual documents (in this case, the document to be split is not counted).

How does TriFact365 handle multiple pages?

For documents consisting of multiple pages, an extra document is calculated per 5 pages. A document consisting of 18 pages is counted as 4 documents.

Can I expect additional costs?

No, unless your accounting package runs on a server. Server implementations may require additional modules of the accounting package and are only suitable for certain IT specialists due to their complexity. Do you not have the right knowledge to independently carry out a server implementation? No problem, our support quickly connects customers with a specialised implementation partner. There are one-off costs associated with this.

How do I pay for the subscription?

The invoice will be charged monthly in arrears. You will receive the invoice (PDF) automatically by email. Payment takes place by direct debit.

Fair use policy

For the fixed subscription, 50 documents per accounting record are included per month. You pay € 0.06 per additional document.
Example: 100 accounting records * 50 documents = 5,000 documents per month included. At 5,050 documents per month 50 documents * € 0.06 = € 3.00 additional charge. 

Duration of the subscription

The duration of the variable subscription is 1 month. The subscription is automatically renewed. The notice period is 1 month.
The duration of the fixed subscription is 3 months. The subscription is automatically renewed. The notice period is 3 months.

What happens after the trial period?

Starting with TriFact365 is free. After the end of the free trial period, access will stop automatically. So you are not attached to anything and there are no costs to start with, that is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Volume discount

The volume discount for the variable subscription is €0,12 per additional document from 2.500 documents and €0,06 per additional document from 6.700 documents.

The volume discount for the fixed subscription is €1,99 per extra administration from 100 administrations and €0,99 per extra administrations from 1.000 administrations.

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